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Plenary & Workshop Speakers

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1991 : Graduated in School of Medicine, Kyungpook National University
1995 : The degree of Master of medical science, school of medicine,
Kyungpook National University
2004 Ph. D., Pusan National University Postgraduate school, Pusan, Korea.

Mar. 1991 – Feb. 1992 : Rotating Internship
Kyungpook National University Hospital
Mar. 1992 – Feb. 1996 : Residency
Department of surgery, Kyungpook National University Hospital

Feb.  1996 – Mar. 1999 : Surgeon in ROK Army
May. 1999 – Feb. 2000 : Clinical fellow of breast and thyroid surgery
Kyungpook National University Hospital
Mar.  2000 – Mar. 2001 : Full-time lecturer as a faculty member of Surgery
Kyungpook National University Hospital
April, 2001- April, 2005 : Assistant Professor
May, 2005 — 2009 : Associate Professor
2009 – Present: Professor
Department of Surgery,
Kyungpook National University Hospital

2002 Visiting doctor in Cancer Institute Hospital, Tokyo, Japan
2003 Visiting doctor in Noguchi breast and thyroid foundation,Beppu, Japan
2004.8-2006.8 Visiting Professor (Research Associate) in breast cancer research lab, Endocrinology and Metabolism in University of Virginia Health System, Charlottesville, VA
2006.09 Visiting Doctor in Rome Catholic University Hospital, Italy
2007.07  Visiting Doctor in Rome Catholic University Hospital, Italy
2008.04 Visiting Doctor in Interdisciplinary Breast Center. Duesseldorf. Germany
2009.03 European institute oncology, Milan, Italy
2010.12  Visiting doctor in Memorial Sloan- Kettering Cacner center, New York
2012.03 Visiting doctor in MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas, US
2013.05 Visiting doctor in MGH, Harvard university, Boston, US
2017.05 Visiting doctor in UHN, Princess Margaret Hospital, Toronto, Canada

Korean medical license, 1991
Diplomate in Korean Board of Surgery, 1996
ECFMG certification, 1998

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How can senior doctor develop into an endoscopic and robotic surgeon?

Cancer surgery is always seeking new techniques to improve oncologic and esthetic outcomes. And current patients with breast cancer are demanding a development of surgical techniques to maximize their quality of life and minimize postoperative scars. Many surgeons consistently learn new techniques and improve their surgical skills not to be fallen behind the general trend of surgery. However, these situations could be extremely stressful to senior surgeons, especially who was not trained with endoscopic and robotic surgery. In most aspects, the learning curve will be increased slowly compared to junior surgeons. However, although it would be difficult, the senior surgeons should not abandon their chances to learn new surgical techniques but should make more efforts.

The author, one of senior breast surgeons, introduces a serial process to attempt endoscopic and robotic breast surgery. And I want to show a way to prepare first trial of endoscopic and robotic breast surgery and encourage many senior surgeons who want to learn endoscopic and robotic surgical skills.

First of all, I had observed various cancer surgeries which performed by the other surgeons including colorectal cancer, gastric cancer, gynecological cancer. Because these surgeons were very good to endoscopic and robotic surgery, their skills were very helpful to me. However, the problem was that the breast does not have as much space as the abdominal or pelvic cavity. So I had to imagine surgical fields with various situations in order to apply their skills to breast surgery.

Second, I began to touch the endoscopic devices one by one to make them familiar to me. Several days after, the pain was started from joint of my thumbs to wrist and elbow joint. Finally, the movements of my fingers became limited. Through this process, I began to search for better tools in route of off and online. I gathered our breast team members every 2-3 weeks to discuss about every devices, surgical methods and listen to the opinions of juniors to improve my idea. A robotic Surgeon, who performed more than 600 cases of robotic thyroidectomy, gave us much information and advices. His opinions were really useful to conduct a real practice of breast and breast reconstruction.

By the time my hands got used to a certain degree of equipment, I had the courage to try the surgery. However, still there was fear for the patient to apply an endoscopic or robotic surgery of breast. This ultimately led to an attempt to use an animal model of surgery. In City Osong, Incheon of Korea, there are big surgery centers for medical students, residents and specialists to practice dry lab and animal labs, especially for laparoscopy, endoscopy and ultrasonography. Our team divided as two (Senior with fellow vs Junior) and visited surgery centers to practice animal labs for breast surgery and reconstructive surgery including plastic surgeons. In this process, plastic surgeons with little experience in endoscopic surgery were also present, and they started out on the starting line with me and learned their skills.

At the same time, our team members completed the da Vinci Surgery with Internet practice and Da Vinci Xi through Simulation training. During this practice, two important issues have been raised about robot surgery. Based on the negative results of the robotic surgery of the cervical cancer, the Korea FDA gave to surgeons a caution about the robotic surgery. Therefore, I put off a robotic breast surgery for a while and will start it after my surgical skill is more improved with endoscopic surgery.

Based the experiences of four Pig Animal models with their 8 breast and LD surgery, now our team is just getting started with endoscopic surgery. Although it is still difficult to say that we perform a whole endoscopic surgery through incision to closure, it is obvious that endoscopic scope could be applied where there is no way to see through bare eyes and devices can be arranged properly where devices cannot be reached. Recently modified articulated laparoscopic surgery instruments have been modified and applied to endoscopic breast surgery, which has helped to solve a limited part of endoscopic surgery. (It will be carried out at April and will tell you the experiences at meeting).

Our team is still in training and I feel that there are still many barriers. However, I would be delighted if someone else could experience and try this process a little shorter through my course of preparation as a senior. And after several times of my experiences to patients, we can discuss about the clinical controversies of endoscopic and robotic breast surgery at October in Korea.


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