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Plenary & Workshop Speakers

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Chief of Department of General Surgery ,Shin Kong Wu Ho-Su Memorial Hospital
Director of Breast Cancer Center, Shin Kong Wu Ho-Su Memorial Hospital
Vice President,Taiwan Oncoplastic Breast Surgery Society

Master of Science , National Taiwan University Graduate Institute of Forensic Medicine
Medical Degree, China Medical University , Taiwan

Breast Specialist ( Surgeon)
Surgical Specialist ( General & Gastroenterol sugery)
Cancer Palliative Medicine

2013 Best Paper reward From Taiwan Breast Cancer Society.

Expression of the serine protease, matriptase, in breast ductal carcinom
Of Chinese women: Correlation with clinicopathological parameters.
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Evaluation the Availability of Cancer Tissue in Human Identity: Mutations of 15 STR Loci from Breast Cancer Tissue
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Patient Management with Eribulin in Metastatic Breast Cancer: A Clinical Practice Guide
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Multiple gene sequencing for risk assessment in patients with early-onset or familial breast cancer
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Multi-center study on patient selection for and the oncologic safety of intraoperative radiotherapy (IORT) with the Xoft Axxent® eBx® System for the management of early stage breast cancer in Taiwan.
Lai HW1,2,3, Liu LC4,5, Ouyang F6,7,8, Yao CC9,10, Jan HC11, Chang YH11, Tu CW12, Chen DR2,10, Cheng TF13, Tzeng YD14, Hsu HM15, Yeh MH9,10, Wu YC4,5, Yang PS16,17, Lam HB16,17, Hou MF7,8,18, Chen FM6,7,8.
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Intra-Operative Radiotherapy in Breast Conserving Surgery—Cases Analysis (2015-2018).
Ching-Shya Yong1, Fiona Tsui-Fen Cheng1*, Hui-Lin Ko2 World Journal of Cancer Research.2018,8(2),69-74


My personal experience of learning and performing robotic mastectomy: experience from a non-endoscopic operating oncoplastic breast surgeon

When the trend of robotic surgery swept, the breast surgeon was not included.
Considering that the breast is a superficial organ, it seems unnecessary to use the robotic arm in a mastectomy.

2018 Apr ~2019 Apr, 43 patients with 47 Robotic breast reconstruction were done by a single surgeon who never perform endoscopic breast surgery.

Meantime of operation for the first 7~10 patients is 343 minutes. the operation time reduces to 169 minutes for the following patients.

Compare to traditional operation for immediate breast implant reconstruction, the operation time is slightly increased around 30~40 minutes. Post operation complication rate is less than the traditional method probably of less blood loss, smaller incision scar and less skin flap/pectoral muscle traction during operation.
Although the robotic arm effectively reduces the physical load of the surgeon, the surgeon’s skill in using robotic arm is the most important factor for success.


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