01. Registration Fee

1. If the event is canceled due to unresistible factors (natural disaster) or insufficient number of applicants, a full refund will be made.

2. If the applicant cancels, the refund rules are as follows:

(1) 90 working days before the start date of the event, refunds will be made after deducting 20% of the handling fee.

(2) Fees will not be refunded 89 working days before the event date.

Due to the high cost of event consumables, please make a decision after careful consideration before signing up

If you want to cancel the registration and get a refund, please call during working hours.

Or write to :  We will reply within three working days .

3. If the applicant withdraws from the event on or after the event start date, the organizer will not refund the fee.

4. If applicants are unable to participate in the event, they can transfer the quota to other people who are suitable for this event, or request to participate in other activities, but they should inform the organizer three days before the event, and provide the transferee’s personal information and contact information at the same time information to assist the sponsor in handling insurance (if any) and sending event notices, etc. Applicants who apply to change event participants or attend courses can only change once, and if there is a difference in fees, more will be refunded and less will be made up.

02. Registration Form

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